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Get Your House Ready: It's Showtime! by Aline Boulgourjian

Once you have decided to list your house, it ceases to become your home and is now a commodity on the market which needs to make you top dollar. Staging is that first step of separation, and these are the essential steps to take for ensuring you attract the best buyers and sell quickly:

  • Remove the daily piles that we all accumulate around the house, whether it's a stack of books and magazines, extra toiletries, items on the kitchen counter, etc. These piles will signal to the buyer that the house isn't spacious or well maintained.

  • All closets and drawers should be 2/3 full. You want the buyer to feel that there's plenty of room for their belongings.

  • Professionally deep clean the property, especially the windows. Bright, fresh and airy is attractive.

  • Paint the front door; it's the first impression a buyer has of the property. Touch up the paint in areas of high traffic.

  • Update lighting fixtures; this one simple step can make the entire house feel updated.

  • Remove all personal items such as diplomas, photographs, and religious icons.

  • Remove large, bulky or outdated furniture. This is the moment of truth when you must part with anything you don't want in your next home.

  • Hire a professional stager. Studies show that the investment will not only pay for itself but fetches 10-20% higher dollar offers and sells 88% faster.


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