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Passing the Torch: A Home's Journey to New Hands After 88 Years

There’s something special about stepping into a home that has been in the same family for 88 years. Small details collected over decades, perhaps unnoticed by newcomers, leave a subtle touch of familiarity that is hard to replicate. 

One of our currently pending homes is exactly this. From the towering strawberry trees in both the front and back yards, to the functional O'Keefe and Merritt stove, and even the sun-drenched nook just off the kitchen, it’s not hard to imagine the wealth of memories this home has seen since 1936. As life’s inevitable changes made way, it was time for Jennifer to pass this property on to the next family and we were happy to support her in this process. 

After her mom passed, Jennifer needed to arrange the next steps for their historic family residence. Much of this process involved sorting through decades of both treasures and clutter. Our good friend, Marcy Ulrich, helped Jennifer navigate through all the nostalgia that comes with this process, especially in a home with so much family history. Peter Durland from Caring Transitions, also supported Jennifer in auctioning and donating many of the remaining belongings in the home. Caring Transitions hosts an online auction and facilitates donations for families going through these large transitions.

Amidst the nostalgia, there is always a sense of anticipation too – bittersweet resolve for Jennifer to move into the next chapter and for the next owners to make their own marks. Perhaps for the next 88 years.


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