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Creating Homes We Love by Mara Jones, Interior Designer

"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned" - Maya Angelou Can you name three things you would change about your home in less than 5 seconds? If so, you are not alone! During the pandemic we realized everything we love about our homes...and all the things that we don't! Faced with the extended time at home, and the flexibility our home spaces have to provide it is the ideal time to make your house work for you! Our industry is busier than ever, and with that, there are many challenges. All the things you have heard about how busy architects, interior designers, and contractors currently are is true! Additionally, due to this increased demand, as well as supply chain delays spurred from the Covid epidemic, our industry is faced with shortages in fundamental materials like wood. Costs and schedules are higher and longer than before. This has become a challenge that I pride myself in navigating successfully. When starting out a project, I pay close attention to the client's dream list along with inspiration images they've collected. After sorting through the ideas, I put together the best possible interior design plan based on availability of materials, appliances, lighting, furnishings, etc. I practice and encourage open and honest conversation regarding design, while encouraging my clients to find furniture pieces they love to be incorporated into the master plan. The minute you start dreaming about what your home can be, I suggest collecting ideas and building an image library to share with your designer. Trust your instinct and avoid second guessing each decision. Momentum is a real thing and indecision is the enemy to making progress. No time like the present to make your home work for you! As we navigate these unprecedented times, I remain inspired and resolute to helping my clients transform their homes. I'm here at our service to not only help design your dream space, but to design a happy and balanced quality of life!


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