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Our Neighborhood Curiosity is Reinvigorated

Typically our clients relocating from other states are excited to fully take advantage of living in Los Angeles, from exploring the mountains and beaches to listening to live music in amazing outdoor venues like The Greek or The Hollywood Bowl. We are in the midst of rediscovering the vitality and amazement of this vast metropolis, which often requires a little digging to find the beauty, inspired specifically by our teenage daughter. Early one morning a couple months ago, the destination was Griffith Observatory at dawn, and after much grumbling on my part, we trudged up the trail to discover an absolutely stunning site of layers upon layers of mountains, a gorgeous building that serves as a mash-up of Greek Revival, Art Deco, and Moorish influences. It was just so fun to reminisce about attending laser shows to Pink Floyd in the '80s and '90s, talking architecture, and simply being mesmerized by this architectural treasure atop the endless hills in all directions. We hope to go back this Fall when the summertime haze has cleared and we can see the ocean. Today, October 1st, marks the first day that we pledge to explore something new in our neighborhood everyday this month, hoping to help us and others connect with our communities, which ultimately enrich our lives here. We would love to hear about your favorite places and neighborhood discoveries, whether it's a great hike, local café, or hidden park bench.


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