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Recent Sale: A Story of Family, Sacrifice, and Gratitude

We often share stories from our client’s experiences as a way to help our community learn. Everyone’s experience is unique, and we can learn a lot from each individual story. There are many reasons why people decide to sell their homes. Sometimes, it may be the need to relocate, and sometimes, it may be the need to downsize in order to accommodate changes in lifestyle and capacity. The latter describes the story of our most recent listing in Monterey Park, which embodies the spirit of familial support and sacrifice.

Bo's parents emigrated to America from Korea and worked hard for many years until they were able to purchase a home with the help of their son. Once retired, they enjoyed their beautiful view of the San Gabriel mountains, hitting golf balls from the tee in their backyard, and planting and cooking vegetables they grew themselves.  As time went on, Bo noticed his parents were only using their bedroom, family room, and kitchen out of their entire five-bedroom home. The upkeep was costly and perhaps they would consider a different option. Taking stock of everything his parents had provided for him throughout his life, it was a non-negotiable commitment that he would care for them for the rest of their lives. Like many children of immigrants, Bo recognized the immense sacrifices his parents made and proposed an alternative plan.

He used the equity in the home they owned together to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on his property, a place where his parents could live even closer and where they could help one another. All the while, he meticulously prepared their Monterey Park home for sale, making upgrades and doing maintenance so the buyers would have a fully move-in ready home. This strategic move not only provided Bo with the means to care for his parents but also relieved them from the financial burden of maintaining a large, underutilized house. It’s a testament to the philosophy of mutual care and support. Bo's parents gave him opportunities, and in return, he ensured they could live comfortably and securely for the rest of their lives.

This beautiful cycle of giving and receiving throughout life highlights the profound appreciation we, as realtors, have for the families we work with. We get to witness firsthand the sacrifices they make for their loved ones, and it’s stories like Bo's that remind us of the deep bonds that tie families and communities together, and it was an incredible honor to walk this journey together.

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