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Trusting the Process: Preparing a Beloved Home for Sale

Selling a home is often bittersweet. This was the case for one of our recent sellers, Angela. For Angela, this journey was marked by the prep process. It revealed the importance of community care, trusting the process, and letting go to make space for new chapters to unfold.

From the outset, she knew she couldn't do it all alone. With a full-time job and a vision for presenting her property, Angela was not afraid to ask for help. Drawing on both her relationships and ours, she assembled a community she trusted to help prepare the home she had loved for so long.

One meaningful contribution was from a longtime friend of her family, Cliff Douglas, a local mason (who had rebuilt the front porch and fireplace after the Northridge earthquake), and who stepped in to help in the pre-sale process by creating a brick pathway leading to the pottery shop in the backyard. Together, they integrated the yard and home in the way Angela had always desired, creating a space that would leave the buyer with something truly usable and beautiful.

As this preparation process unfolded, Angela found herself detaching from the home she and her parents had poured her heart into for decades before. With each item sorted, each room staged, and each memory cherished, she remarked one day: "This is not my house anymore." Even though this was the home she thought she would grow old in, she came to realize that sometimes the best-laid plans must yield to life, as difficult as that is.

We find this remark to be quite common amongst sellers, especially when they personally do the prep work. It is absolutely a necessary part of the moving-on process, a way of making peace with the transition (ask anyone who has lived in a staged house for a few weeks). In the end, the journey of preparing a home for sale is not just about selling the property efficiently and effectively —it is about honoring memories and embracing the power in letting go. 


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