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Navigating the Decision to Move After the Loss of a Spouse

The decision to move from a home filled with decades of memories is never one made lightly. When this decision follows the loss of a spouse, it’s even more complex. From balancing grief, to going through a lifetime of belongings, to evaluating the tax implications, this decision can be a (sometimes years long!) process. 

This was the case in one of our most recently sold Pasadena properties. Tom and his wife lived together in this incredible condo on Orange Grove Blvd for 25 years. With historic architectural features, excellently preserved wallpaper, a prime location, and decades of memories, moving from a place as special and cherished as this was not easy. After 2020 marked the passing of Tom’s wife, he had been navigating the process of carrying on ever since. 

In the years since, Tom has meticulously sorted through a lifetime of travel memorabilia, art, rocks, novelty trains, maps, as well as items inherited from their parents' homes. Driven by his commitment to ensure their cherished items found new homes with people who would appreciate them, he spent hours at the condo every Saturday for 3 months to prepare the property for sale. This dedication and monumental effort was particularly impressive given they had no children to assist and highlights the strength of their friendships, community bonds, and Tom’s ability to ask for help when he needed it. 

In addition to the sorting and donating process, another factor Tom had to consider was the property valuation and tax implications upon the passing of his wife. It can be difficult to know what the next best move is after the loss of a spouse, and obtaining a property valuation ensures that all legal, financial, and personal considerations are properly addressed. If you or someone you know is in need of property valuation services after the loss of a family member or simply need to have a compassionate, professional conversation about next best steps, we would be happy to be a resource for you. 

This story is another testament to how interwoven our lives become with our homes and communities over time. It reminds us of the great responsibility we have to our clients and why our passion for the business is evergreen.


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